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Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting or abrasive blasting is used to clean or prepare surfaces such as steel, (both structural steel & new steel) brick and concrete. A stream of abrasive material is propelled at high speed at a surface using air pressure and water pressure.

The purpose of the blasting is to remove substances such as rust, scale, paint and graffiti from a surface.

Conventional & Two Pack Industrial Spray Painting

We blast and spray paint everything Domestic, Commercial and Industrial

If you want superior quality, fixed price quotes, delivery on time and restoration of your product to brand new, remember we will come to your location.


We can match any colour through our quality suppliers using all quality brands of paint.


Ultimate Rust Protection with Zinc & Epoxy Coatings

Zinc oxide paints or coatings are useful for application to galvanised iron and steel, as a zinc oxide coating can remain on this kind of material for a very long time, protecting it from exterior conditions.  Additionally, zinc oxide coatings can be used on steel underwater.

Epoxy coating is a type of thick protective material thats used to cover items, anything from floors and major applicances to small electronics.  This protects them from damange and wear.  Making things resistant to things like rust, chemical errosion, and as such are popular in a number of different industires and for many different uses.


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We turn your old products back to new.


      Northway Sandblasting was founded in Ballarat over thirty eight

          years ago with Peter Stevens taking over the business 12 years

              ago. The business delivers services in abrasive and industrial

                cleaning and coatings, abrasive blasting, epoxy coating and

                   spray painting and offers a fully operational mobile unit

                      for both blasting and painting


                          We Specialise in:


                                   Wet Abrasive Blasting

                                       Blast Cleaning

                                           Rust Removal

                                               Paint Removal